We strive to work as partners with our clients providing them end-to-end research & consulting services, driven by technology - enabling smart decisions.

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EdgeSome Market Research Offerings

Our data collection mechanism includes both telephonic and Web-based data collation methods. We have a well-established network for CATI, online surveys, expert recruitment and interviewing, and face-to-face interviews. The team’s cumulative experience of 100+ years translates into insightful information from the available data for effective decision-making.
A survey should be programed well with all logics in place to collate accurate insights and achieve the desired results. We have access to a well-established team of survey programmers who understand myriad requirements and create survey links that can be hosted on our or your servers. The team has expertise in working on complex branching, logics, bucketing, etc. With access to 25+ languages globally, we offer comprehensive solutions for translating documents into non-native languages, with quality being our main delivery criterion.
Our team of data processors understands clients’ need for making informed strategic decisions without being a part of the data collection process. Therefore, we are always on the forefront to help you create easy-to-read reports that are complemented by great graphics.
Once data has been collected and analyzed, the findings should be presented in a simple, concise, targeted, and effective manner. This requires the support of language editors and document formatters to add value to reports/presentations and give them an edge. EdgeSome has access to talent with experience in working with leading journals, management consulting firms, and faculty to bring that value in the reports and provide that necessary edge.

EdgeSome Business Research & Strategy Consulting

EdgeSome Consulting provides access to analysts providing desktop research support under ad hoc and dedicated models. The dedicated model will have team assisting the clients with solutions such as creating newsletters, concept tests, lead generation and collating competitive intelligence data.
EdgeSome Consulting has extensive experience in undertaking benchmarking studies for the private and public bodies on emerging regions such as India, Africa and the Middle East. The benchmarked data and insights help clients plan and in cases form policies at the public level maintaining the balance between the government and citizen interests. Our team comprises mix of business analysts and data scientists who study and extract insights from big data for government departments such as labor and education, and analysts with experience in conducting detailed secondary research and benchmarking to deliver data-driven actionable insights for formulating policies.
Our market entry team caters to global clients, primarily in the US, the Middle East, and Western Europe, which aspire to grow in emerging markets or enter new markets, but lack visibility into existing market conditions, competitors, and distribution networks. Our experienced team provides objective, well-researched insights into the potential opportunities and risks associated with emerging markets, along with business strategy implications of the insights collated for clients who otherwise lack reliable, rich, contextual data for making informed business decisions.

EdgeSome Website & App Development Offerings

Given that companies possess repositories of valuable raw data, it is imperative that this data is mined and translated into actionable insights. Our technology and business domain experts will help you analyze data by creating easy-to-read and simple-to-comprehend business intelligence portals for swift decision-making. These tools could give you an edge over your competitors by helping you make proactive decisions in a dynamic environment.
We here at EdgeSome help you develop a presence of your brand by using the latest web technologies. Your website is the most important content of your company’s marketing plan. Our team helps you getting this website designed and developed to give you the leading edge in the industry.
The EdgeSome Web team offers comprehensive mobility solutions by developing customized mobile and tablet apps catering to the unique requirements of each brand and business. Amid the rising popularity of smartphones and rapidly changing technology, it has become essential for businesses to offer a smooth mobile experience to customers. We help clients understand end users, and offer services related to competitive analysis, UI design and architecture, prototyping, testing, launch, and promotion.